A downloadable game for Windows

Utsukushii ya ara utsukushii ya doku-kinoko
How beautiful, Beautiful indeed, The poisonous mushrooms!


Kinoko is gentle, relaxing and meditative game about finding and picking mushrooms in rain.


LEFT MOUSE: Pick mushroom.
ESC BUTTON: Quit game.


  • Beautiful 2D procedurally generated forests
  • Relaxing rain soundscape to calm your senses
  • Zen-like serene gameplay with no high scores 


Install instructions

Unzip the project files and play the game.


kinoko-windows.zip 88 MB
Version 1 May 31, 2019


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Lovely :)

Thank you

lovely little relaxing game

May i know where you got your background picture?

Im working in some project and that picture is perfect

If you mean the rainy background picture in this page, it's  basically a cropped image capture of a particle effect what you can see in the game.

Thanks to this game, I was able to have a peaceful time for a while. :)

Thank you!